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Hedge Fund Employment is the Premier Job Search site for the alternative asset community. Our site provides a user-friendly meeting place for job seekers to access the information they need to immediately gain the position.

Hedge Fund information is virtually impossible to find if you are not a qualified or accredited investor. So how does an active job seeker find the proper hedge fund firms to submit their resume? Furthermore, where can a hedge fund manager that is looking for specific 'hedge fund talent' turn to, when looking to quickly fill a position? Now the answer is simple....

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HedgeCo.Net is the leading online community for qualified investors, hedge funds and service providers. For investors, HedgeCo.Net offers the premier free hedge fund database and powerful tools to search, rank and analyze potential investments. HedgeCo.Net members enjoy access to daily news, manager columns, and a comprehensive directory of service providers.
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hedge fund tools
At we connect hedge funds to pre-qualified service providers with a proven track record of high quality, cost effective results. As part of the HedgeCo Network, our team of project planning, sourcing and management experts draws upon a worldwide pool of talent to drive the success of your projects.
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hedge fund calculator
The HedgeCo Calculator is the most cost-effective solution for hedge funds to compute quantitative statistics, net numbers, and accurately produce marketing materials for their clients. At a much lower price than comparable systems, The HedgeCo Calculator is the perfect choice for hedge funds, funds of hedge funds and family offices.
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hedge fund lounge is the only entirely open forum for the alternative asset community. Our content is user-driven, and our members include hedge fund managers, investors and service providers. At it’s easy to share, discover, and comment on news and announcements. Members also enjoy message boards, surveys, live chat, and more!
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hedgeco websites
HedgeCo Networks prides ourselves on producing top quality websites like the one you are using now. Our Hedge Fund website designs are sharp, colorful, informative, secure, compliant, and easy to use. We produce all our websites so that you are able to update and control them by yourself. You will not need to pay a web design firm a costly retainer, monthly fee, or become victims to their schedule. We put you in full control! Our turnaround time for a fully secure hedge fund web site is less than six weeks, and best of all our solution is turn key!
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For more information contact [email protected].

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