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Tips on beginning your new Hedge Funds Career

The growth of global hedge funds has led to a simultaneous growth in new hedge fund careers within the hedge fund industry. Young graduates and professionals interested in starting new careers with hedge fund companies are often hampered by lack of information about the industry. While a lot more is known today about hedge funds and hedge fund careers, as a result of increased information and transparency, many people still think there are clouds of secrecy still surrounding the industry.

Hedge fund companies are not allowed to advertise their services due to Securities and Exchange Commission requirements. The first task for individuals seeking new hedge fund careers with hedge fund management companies is to identify companies where such job positions are available.

How to search Hedge Fund Employment

New hedge fund job applicants must also identify what job positions are available. Today with the advent of the Internet such tasks are made much easier. While many hedge fund information portals exist on the Internet, many of such sites offer little or no information about new hedge fund career positions available for employment purposes.

However, for new graduates and experienced individuals seeking new careers with hedge fund companies, there are a few hedge fund job information portals that offer hedge fund companies and job seekers an important forum to discover their needs. The best place to begin such career search is on Hedgefundemployment website. []

This site, the first internet job site fully devoted to hedge fund employment information, offers potential hedge fund job seekers unmatched opportunity to zero in on the most current hedge fund job opportunities available. Hedge fund companies submit the jobs on the site. In addition, the site offers hedge fund jobs seekers opportunity to post their resumes for view by employers looking for qualified and experienced hedge fund recruiters to fill their existing vacancies.

Secondly individuals interested in hedge fund careers should check other industry sites of hedge fund firms and trade groups, many of these groups are listed on the internet. Sites such as,, Albourne Village, Managed Funds Association, AIMA and many others may offer useful information to the job seeker. In addition, these sites do offer industry tailored news and information including new hedge fund launches. Such information may help the hedge fund job seeker to develop a list for potential contact. The job seeker should be prepared to forward their resumes and job inquiry letters to many of these companies. Generally, these employers would store such job resumes in their database for future reference should such opportunities become available.

A third tip to help your search for new careers with hedge funds is the good old Search Engines. Through a click of your mouse, a good search engine will gather results related with the keywords in your search phrase. For instance, if you are seeking for a “Hedge fund Research Analyst” position, be sure to include such keywords as “Hedge Funds”, “Research Analyst” in your search questionnaire. This little process will yield amazing results.

You may also want to attend some Hedge fund industry job fairs and trade shows, this is perhaps your best opportunity to meet employers one on one, make sure you have copies of your resume handy to pass along.

Opportunities for new hedge fund job or hedge fund employment have been growing from year-to-year, as the hedge fund industry continues to evolve. With the entry of traditional Wall Street money managers into the hedge fund management area, new hedge fund career opportunities within the hedge fund industry is bound to grow significantly in the coming years.

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