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Hedge Fund Controller Job

The position of Hedge Fund Controller is a vital aspect of hedge fund management. The Hedge fund Controller performs many critical functions , which aids the smooth functioning of the hedge fund partnership. The job of the hedge fund controller largely involves accounting, financial reporting, investment reporting, and performance analysis. Since fund managers are generally involved in trading activities, the hedge fund controller performs these functions in support of the hedge fund partnership.

Responsibilities of Hedge Fund Controller

More detailed responsibilities of the Hedge Fund Controller include:

  • The Controller generally reports to the CFO
  • Conducts administration of general accounting functions
  • Responsible for Management company budgeting
  • Takes part in Pricing protocols
  • Performs detailed Tax analysis and planning to include boxed positions
  • Undertakes Cash management
  • Helps in Foreign currency exposure rebalancing and hedging
  • Conducts Swap and bank debt paperwork and internal participation agreements
  • Reporting for Partners / Investors
  • Other tasks deemed necessary for smooth operations of company

Education needed for Hedge Fund Controller position

To perform these functions, the Hedge fund Controller position generally requires applicants to be a Certified Public Accountant.[CPA] Indeed, the Hedge fund Controller job positions not only require candidates to be a CPA, many of such positions require extensive knowledge and experience in Hedge fund management operations. An MBA degree will undoubtedly look good in the applicants resume, some employers require this degree, but others don't.

Experience Required for Hedge Fund Controller Job

Some Hedge fund firms seeking applicants for the hedge fund controller position may also require specific experiences in applicants for such position. Such specific experience depends on the strategies being employed by such firms. For instance, a hedge fund firm specializing in fixed-income strategies will likely require a hedge fund controller with specific knowledge in fixed-income operations in addition to other general requirements particularly in accounting.

Experience needed for a hedge fund controller position varies from one company to another, but generally many firms require about 7-10 years experience for applicants seeking employment for such position. Applicants with extensive knowledge of most hedge fund strategies, with certification as a public accountant are highly sought by hedge fund firms.

Hedge Fund Controller Pay

The compensation for hedge fund controller varies from one firm to another. Bigger and more established hedge fund managers generally pay more than smaller hedge fund managers. The typical pay for a hedge fund controller falls in a range of $90-$120,000 per year, plus lucrative bonus packages .

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