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Tips for First-Timers entering the Hedge Fund world

Sometimes the hardest part of landing a job in the hedge fund industry is just getting your foot in the door.  I would recommend the following three steps to anyone currently outside the industry or attending school full-time who has their sights set on working in the hedge fund world.

  1. Learn everything you can about hedge funds.  Study the market, analyze trends, learn who the big players are, etc. Subscribe to my blog (yes it is free), join online hedge fund communities, read white papers and stay up to speed on the latest breaking hedge fund news.

  2. Start working.  Get some sort of 1-10 hour a week hedge fund internship or experience of some type.  Anything to jump start your resume and show actual involvement with a group in the industry.  You may be working full time already or going to school but immersing yourself with actual hedge fund experience is viewed as a valuable asset by future employers.

  3. Hit the pavement.  Start cold-calling or having coffee with a few dozen professionals in the industry in order to establish lasting relationships.  These might lead to referrals or your future hiring. Yes, it takes hard work and you will be putting yourself out there.  However, this process of doing informational interviews might save you a few years of working in the wrong position or entering the industry with large misconceptions. Informational interviews have helped me land every single position I have ever held.


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