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Overview of Selected Hedge Fund Jobs

About 5 years ago, there were fewer than 2,000 global hedge fund companies, managing about US$200 billion in investor assets. In 2004, that number has surpassed 8,000 companies, managing over US$1 trillion of investor assets. The rapid growth in the number of global hedge funds as well as total assets managed, have resulted in corresponding increases in the number of hedge fund jobs around the world.

Such rapid growth requires many skilled professionals, not only as portfolio managers and traders, but also administrators, accountants and others to help with the hedge fund back office protocols and functions.

In addition, hedge fund companies are also in need of individuals who will provide a diverse range of talent, perspectives, experience, and backgrounds needed in an industry experiencing an exponential growth within the asset management sector.

Hedge Fund Jobs for Portfolio Managers and Traders

The job of Portfolio Managers and Traders involves day-to-day management and trading decisions undertaken by the hedge fund partnerships. The role played by this group often determines the profitability of their funds. Hedge funds rely on many strategies for trading. Some of such strategies includes but not limited to Long/Short equity, Equity Neutral, Short sellers, and a combination of different Arbitrage opportunities in Equities, Bonds, Currencies and other Derivatives, including Options.

The hedge fund job for Portfolio Managers and Traders also include analytical research, but many large hedge fund firms have specialized in-house proprietary research units responsible for such work, but smaller hedge fund companies often rely on the portfolio managers and traders to fulfill such functions.

Classification of Hedge Fund Jobs

Hedge Fund Jobs for Administrators

The significant growth in hedge fund's managed assets would also equally require significant increases in the numbers of hedge fund administrators to handle the huge administrative functions resulting from such growth. Hedge Fund Administrators are extremely vital to the smooth functioning of the hedge fund partnerships. They are directly involved in contacts and communication between their firms and their clients. They are involved in such administrative responsibilities such as financial reporting, auditing, tax and compliance protocols. Hedge fund administrators are professionals and skilled experts in such areas as Business Management, Financial Accounting, and the Legal and Compliance arena.

Hedge Fund Jobs for Research Analysts

Research analysts are often involved in all areas of research obligations; they are quite knowledgeable of the financial markets, systematic trading strategies, statistical analysis, technical and fundamental analysis. Their work often supports the trading decisions made by portfolio managers and traders. They must also have experience in back-testing systematic trading strategies, as well as in constructing datasets for back testing.

Hedge Fund Jobs for Sales and Marketing

Hedge Fund Jobs in the area of sales and marketing have seen increasing demand as new hedge funds are launched. Individuals must be trained in the field of sales and marketing, since the core duties they perform will deal with the sales and distribution of hedge fund products and services, to both wealthy as well as institutional investors.

Other Hedge Fund Back office Support Functions

Other Hedge Fund Jobs could be classified as support functions in the back office. Usually large hedge fund companies employ not only administrative officers but also other officers such as Chief Operating Officers, or Chief Financial Officers. Some hedge fund firms may also need Risk Managers, Secretaries, and other Clerical staff. The growth of global hedge funds has opened up a whole lot of new hedge fund job opportunities to young graduates seeking employment at hedge fund.

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