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Taking advantage of Hedge Fund Opportunities

The growth of the global hedge fund industry has led to great opportunity not only for investors but also for individuals with the qualification and experience in hedge fund operations. As a result of such growth, hedge fund opportunities are among the most widely sought jobs by recent university graduates with degrees in finance, or business administration.

Why Hedge Fund Opportunities?

A successful career in hedge funds brings tremendous financial rewards in pay and compensation. While the number of hedge fund companies hiring staff remain relatively small, it is important for the new hedge fund applicant to know how to stand out among other applicants, by crafting good cover letters and resumes. Hedge fund employment opportunities are quite strong for the moment.

Regardless of the lackluster performance posted by hedge funds lately, such performance has not hampered new assets coming to the industry. Many new hedge fund jobs are not just in the compliance arena. According to published reports, new hedge fund opportunities exist in such areas as accounting, operations, traders and associates.

The future job growth potentials in the hedge fund sector many experts agree looks promising, in light of the growing new money coming from the institutional investors particularly pension funds and endowments. There are about 8,000 hedge fund firms around the globe, managing over $1 trillion in assets. Hedge fund managed assets may quadruple over the next 10 years in light of the significant interest by global institutional investors.

Many hedge fund employers are looking for individuals with passion and keen interest in the financial markets. Keith Mann, manager of the alternative investment division at Dynamics Associates in New York, said, “They are looking for the guy who wakes up in the morning and puts on Bloomberg or CNN Money to check what has happened in Asia overnight, someone who puts in 15 or 16 hours a day at the office and still has time to find stocks to invest in for himself.”

Other managers say they are seeking for individuals with strong sense of not only the market direction, but also its timing.

Individuals with about two years of experience can expect to earn base salaries of between $80, 000 and $120,000. Mann added that the bonuses could be several times that amount. Hedge fund opportunities cannot be overestimated, although competition will intensify as a result of many more individuals seeking work in the hedge fund industry.

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