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Portfolio manager skills sought by Hedge Fund Recruiters

If you are seeking a new career with hedge funds, your first task is to identify hedge fund recruiters with current job opportunities. There are several ways to achieve this task without trying to manually contact each hedge fund company individually. If you choose to pursue such strategy however, you will first need to get current information about which hedge fund companies are located within your reach.

Most hedge fund companies in the United States are located in the Northeast region, specifically New York City . Many others are concentrated in the Western regions, particularly California and Texas . There are some concentrations of hedge fund companies in the Midwest region particularly in the Chicago area, while still others are found in the Southeast region in the Florida and Atlanta area.

Depending on your geographic location, there is a possibility that many otf the hedge fund recruiters are located outside of your jurisdiction. If you are looking for hedge fund employment, you should be prepared to relocate unless you are concentrating your efforts on your region of residence, such option may reduce your employment chances.

Today the availability of the Internet has made the task of identifying available hedge fund job vacancies easier. Several sites on the Internet are devoted to job vacancies in the hedge fund sector. offers an unmatched opportunity for both employers and job seekers to identify their needs. []

There are growing numbers of hedge fund managers worldwide. While the total number of hedge fund companies around the globe is greater than 8000, the United States is home to majority of them for hedge fund jobs. A current directory of hedge funds may show you listings of hedge fund companies; such directory will not however offer much information about hedge fund recruiters.

Why Hedge Fund Recruiters looking for hedge fund portfolio managers

Portfolio managers are the most sought position by hedge fund firms. Many portfolio managers from Wall Street continue to cross over to the hedge fund management arena, partly due to demand and opportunities offered by the hedge fund industry. The other factor leading to such demand is the growing number of traditional money management firms branching into hedge fund management arena.

What Skills are Hedge Fund Recruiters looking for in Portfolio Managers

If a hedge fund recruiter is seeking staff for the position of hedge fund portfolio manager, a person with an MBA without practical experience is probably not the first choice for the recruiter. This is not to underestimate the need and value of an MBA program, such program is a prerequisite towards employment in many positions within the financial services sector.

The hedge fund recruiter will first consider someone who is already working at a hedge fund, or who has worked at a hedge fund firm previously. This recruiter will also be interested in an applicant who has worked at traditional long-only mutual fund companies such as Fidelity Investments or Charles Schwab.

The third choice for a hedge fund recruiter might then fall on the candidate with experience in the equity markets. The recruiter may give preference to experienced sell-side analysts. Hedge fund recruiters may also favor a candidate from an investment banker such as Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley. New MBA graduates may also be considered if other options are not available to them.

A recent graduate may gain employment in the fund of funds sector considerably faster, part of the reason being that superior stock selection skills are not as emphasized as they are in a hedge fund portfolio manager position.

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