Privacy Policy Privacy Policy: wants to provide a safe, secure user experience, protecting the privacy of our users, making sure the information you submit on our site remains private, and is used only for the purpose described below.

Information gathered by includes statistics (collective) about our users and their experience using and surfing the site. This information is used by us to make sure we re-work our website so that is provides a better user experience. This information may be shared with our partners, but only the aggregate, so that they can see the statistical aspect of the website.

There are certain instances, such as when you sign up for a service, contest, purchase a product, that we might gather specific information about you, such as name, email, telephone, credit card number, etc. This is because we want to make sure you are aware of additional product and services that we might offer in the future and that can be of interest to you, or because of certain changes in our business. We also may ask you for certain feedback and other information so that we can deliver a better website for you in the future.

We do not disclose information about your individual visits to, or personal information that you provide such as name, address, email, etc. to any outside parties, except when the law requires it. But, we may record and share aggregated information with our partners.

Because we are a job site, we are giving you the option to put your resume online in our database. This resumes are searched by employers / recruiters or those that respond to your resume. By submitting your resume in on our site, you are allowing users to make sure your resume is searchable to recruiters / hiring managers, headhunters and HR professionals who sign up with However, we are not responsible if some other third party, such as someone posing as the aforementioned and evades security measures gets access to the database, and therefore your resume. You may remove your resume any time from our database. However, recruiters might have retained a copy of your resume in their own database. We are not responsible for the retention, use, or privacy of resumes in these instances.

If we do decide to change our privacy policy on, these changes will be seen on this page. If you do still have any concerns about our privacy policy or any other questions, please contact us.

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